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 Why Switch to Linux??

Linux is a free, open source, alternative to M$ Windows. Linux is faster, more flexible, and fun..

 With Linux, worrying about catching a Virus is a thing of the past..Tired of upgrading your hardware to run the latest M$ products?? Linux is designed to run on older hardware, and runs faster than anything you have seen before.

 How about Office Programs?? Is $150 to $300 fair?? OpenOffice, the open source alternative to M$ Office, is FREE, and fully compatable with your existing M$ documents.

Then there is Photoshop...$300-$500, plus plugins..Linux uses the GIMP, once again, open source and free..( And better..)

 The list goes on and on, but the main point is:

  Why not switch to Linux?? (Your Internet server did, as did Google, and Amazon, to name but a few...) This website is dedicated to the Linux "noobie", and will help guide you through the "Transition" to Linux...

 Here at OkieLinux, we have several "pre-made" versions of Linux to choose from, and "custom" builds can be arranged to suit your needs..  Photo processing, Office programs, or just surfing the `net, we can design a Linux just for YOU...

 Look around, see what you think..Links and contact info are available, as well as a forum if you have any questions..